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Sarabande (Seville, Spain, 2000)

Exciting news: “Sarabande” will be published in CLOVER, Vol. 2 (Bellingham, WA: Independent Writers Studio) on Sept. 25. 

        During the past several years, I wrote a poem about Seville, Spain, one word at a time. I called it Sarabande for a street dance I first saw there. Last winter, I entered it in the open competition for Phrasings 5, the 2011 Chuckanut Sandstone Writers Theater and Bellingham Repertory Dance Company collaboration of writers and dancers, not expecting it to be considered.

I was overwhelmed when I was asked to read it at the April 1 performance.


        Following is the roster of poets and choreographers and the works chosen to be to read or choreographed at the performances:

Poems to be read:


Bug Music by Joe Mackey of Bellingham

Collection by Jim Milstead of Bellingham

Just Sail by Heather Bennett of Everett

Sarabande by Richard Lee “Dick” Harris of Bellingham

Snail Buddha by Jim Bertolino of Bellingham

3 Visions/Vancouver Island by Rick Hermann of Bellingham

Watching my grandson by Cathy Ross of Seattle

Woman in a Red Dress by Bethany Reid of Edmonds


Choreography Category:


Housekeeper by Shannon Laws who lives in Bellingham and choreographed by Vanessa Daines

Reunion and back again by Scott Stodola who lives in Bellingham and choreographed by Diane WIlliams

Beachcombing by Katelyn Hales who lives in Brooklyn, NY and choreographed by Ella Mahler

World Cup by Susan M. Schultz who lives in Hawaii and choreographed by Erika Olson choreographer

From Wire Fetters by Katelyn Hales, who lives in Brooklyn, NY and choreographed by Angela Kiser

The Visitors by Cathy Ross who lives in Seattle, WA and choreographed by Sarah Schermer

Taproot by Carla Shafer who lives in Bellingham and choreographed by Fiona Evans




The sun rises in Seville,

echoes Lorca’s daybreak,

dances in orange parterres,


glints Faith’s smile

into barrio shadows,

the sultan’s chair,


and filigreed portico.

Little bees collect

honey on bitter orange


petals, drizzle

golden dew on

Andalusían tortes,


and bittersweet preserves

on breakfast toast

of Oxford dons.


I look away and rest

my eyes on gold,

ochre, and snowy white.


Carmen pirouettes

from the “telly.”

Her sensuous notes

infuse me with


“Love is a bird,”

bitter oranges are sweet

when the tune is played

upon a blue guitar.

                   Seville, Spain

To learn about the times, dates, and location of Phrase 5 performances and where to buy tickets, go to Bellingham Repertory Dance Company,