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Anticipating Blackburn College Homecoming

        I’m looking forward to the Blackburn College (IL) Homecoming, October 1-3, and our class’ 55th reunion. I wonder if I will recognize my classmates I haven’t seen since Helen and I were there five years ago.
        When I read my poetry to a “pretty-good” sized audience in 2000, all I could do was send a home-printed copy to those who wanted. This time, I will have Reimagine: Poems, 1993-2009 with many new and different poems with me.
        Once again I anticipate reading to a “pretty-good” sized audience. I know that they will, as the president of Whatcom Writers and Publishers said in the most recent newsletter, enjoy poems that “are wonderfully different and quiite beautiful!”

(If my classmates remember me reading in 2000, will they recognize me in 2010? Photo on the right was taken in the Concrete [WA] Theatre, last month.)