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Magi of the Meadow

Between May 1987 and May 2003, my wife and I gardened a “Birchwood Acre” about 3 miles north of downtown Bellingham, WA. In the late 1990’s, I strung lights on three trees growing in the corner of our mini-meadow for the holidays. Whence came this poem.

        Magi of the Meadow
In a far corner of our meadow

behind the wild roses,

Magi emerge in predawn light,

bearing gifts of resin gum,

oil, and sweet incense.

Leading in columnar splendor,
with branches erect, an incense cedar

bears sweetness in leaves and fiber.

           Blue spruce, with gum and spring honey
    hidden in a bristly cloak defying touch,
    advances on the right.

    Western cedar, crossed boughs
in gentle grace, spreads oil
and fragrance on the meadow trail.

    Preceded by a melody slipping
    on the breeze as a misty rain,
    in their habits adorned
    from crown to sweeping skirt,

    a thousand jewels in the dawn.

                Bellingham, WA