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Harbor Waves


One thought, one word, one line, one verse, given time, creates a poem expressing a thought to be shared. That is how this one came to be.



Harbor Waves

For those lost at sea, March 11, 2011

The earth faults harbor waves

destroys shoreline civility,

sucks shrouds of vitality

into tumultuous brine

of fury and devastation.


Mundane torments are shadows,

sufferings of the heart

vanish into nothingness,

where the sun does not gaze

nor the moon reflect.


When pacific waves break,

these tragic spirits rise

as jewels glinting their crest.
Sendai, Japan


Tsunami translates as “harbor waves” in Japanese.


        Our cruise ship was about 250 miles east of Hilo, HI, headed for the mainland, when the tsunami generated by the earthquake that struck Japan, March 11, 2011, passed under us. The only noticeable effect was an increase in wave height from “slight” to “moderate” with a slight pitching motion for a brief period of time.