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Website, Facebook, and Personal Blog

        Website, Facebook, and personal blog are ingredients for success in today’s world.” So says manuscript evaluators, friends, journal and trade writers, non-friends, and product salesmen.

        As a novice residing in a small market with a limited budget and known for risk-taking, I’ve tried one at a time. First it was a website, then Facebook, now it is a blog.

        The design of this new venture will be minimal. The writing will be simple and straightforward with more detail than allowed on Facebook. I will use the “I” word more than I felt I should on the website, or was comfortable doing on Facebook. Since my purpose is to express myself on those topics that I am currently thinking and write, entries will be occasional when I feel the need to express myself publicly.

        I am gambling that by sending these thoughts out into the great etheric beyond under a less-than-creative title I will reach a wider universe of readers than on Facebook. We shall see.