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A poet of note, I wish I could find the quote, wrote that in every collection, two or three poems will get a reader’s attention, and that he will reread these once or twice, maybe even memorize a couple lines. After selecting poems for Reimagine: Poems, 1993-2009 and for “open mics” during the last dozen or so years, I can add to this that a poet should never try to predict which poems will be reread. They should just “follow their gut” as they select.

Fully one-half of the poems I’ve listed below were ones I almost didn’t include in Reimagine. I’m not going to say which ones they were, nor indicate which ones were most often chosen as a favorite. If you have had a chance to look in Reimagine, let me know which, if any, poems you gave a second look. If you don’t have a copy yet, check for where you can either buy or borrow one. (I’ll have copies with me at the Blackburn College Homecoming.)


Readers’ favorites to date:

1.     The Commute

2.     Eagle Feathers and Rainbows

3.     Evensong for Margaret

4.     February 3, 1959

5.     Here’s My Two Cents

6.     Memorial Day

7.     Never Been in a Canoe

8.     The Prairie Rolls On

9.     Seized by Beauty

10. Signs of Winter




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