Amateur Poet, Genealogist, & Memoirist

Thoughts on Writing: Poetry, Genealogy, and Memoir

    I read recently that “blogging” is storytelling. When Reimagine: Poems, 1993-2009 was being evaluated, the reviewer suggested that as an amateur poet known primarily in local circles I should write quite a bit of what I was expressing as introduction and backstory in a blog. As time went on and I learned more about blogging, I became convinced that it was a good idea. About a month ago, I succumbed to advertising by, and this blog was initiated.

    My intent is to treat this site as an amateur storyteller journalizing thoughts, ideas, remembrances, and, sometimes, opinions that come to mind. I will express them in my personal style, laying them before whomever, wherever, may read them. They will focus, in most part, on the titular topics in a non-partisan, nonsectarian way. Although some entries may appear authoritarian or pedantic, those that are worthy are open to discussion.

    I will add, revise, clarify, and tweak the content for freshness and currency as I learn more about the process. My request is that you check it periodically and watch it unfold. Do not hesitate to visit

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